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My Lego Creations

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Family Photos

Posted by Jamie

We decided to take some family photos in the park. The family photos didn't turn out at all but Nathan got some cute photos of the boys.















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A Dragon

Posted by Marvin

I dreamed that I was sleeping and a dragon came and gave me a prize.
He said "you are sleeping so you get a prize". He was big, blue with a short tail and arms. I woke up and saw Lego buttons. I built a bird, it had a green button on its back and a rainbow button on its head. When I pushed the brown buttons on his knees he started to fly. When I pushed the red button on his side he stopped flying. The bird had white buttons on his tummy that turned on and off the lights in his eyes. I also made a Lego bear with buttons.






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Marvin’s 3rd Birthday

Posted by Jamie


Marvin is almost four, but now that I'm back into blogging I wanted to share his 3rd birthday with all of you. Three was a magical birthday for him. It is the first one he will remember and the first one he was actively involved in planning. Birthday season in our family starts in June with mine and ends in September with Marvin's. All summer he was anticipating his special day and was always upset when it was someone else's birthday. By the time it was his birthday he was ready for the party to be his and new exactly what happened on someone's birthday. He requested a Thomas the Train birthday cake and was so excited that Lilia and Max were coming to his party. The night before his birthday he saw me making his cake and was anxiously waiting to see the finished product. I was up until 2am working on his cake so he had to go to bed before it was done. When he woke up I pulled it out of the freezer placed it on the table in front of him and let him look at it. He loved it and stared at it for a long time. He opened up his present from us. Put on his Thomas shirt and Engineers hat and could hardly wait for his party to start. His birthday was so magical for all of us because he was so happy and excited. We ate pizza, decorated our own Thomas cakes, played with trains, and pretended to be Thomas the train. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of our perfect son into our family. He is funny, smart, confidant, active, opinionated, and very loving. Happy Birthday Marvin!!!!



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Skating at the Olympic Oval

Posted by Jamie


The next few post will be things we did a few months ago. Nathan has made it super easy for me to blog and as I look back at our photos I've remembered some fun things we did. In the winter we went to westside leisure centre to swim as a family. As we were leaving Marvin noticed the ice rink and wanted to know what ti was. We went into the skating area and watched others skate. Marvin thought it looked like fun and was disappointed when we didn't go skating too. A few week after that Nathan suggested that we go skating at the olympic oval. All four of us rented skates. Charlie wore the smallest size and was such a trooper. The boys both held on to metal walkers and Nathan and I pushed them around the track. Nathan discovered that if we placed the walker under Charlie's armpits he was a little more stable. By the end of our outing Marvin got comfortable enough that he was pushing his walker by himself. We had a wonderful time!



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