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Our New Family Memeber

Charlie joined our family on July 15 2010.  We were all so happy to finally meet him.  When Marvin entered the hospital room he saw Charlie in the bucket and had to go right up to it and look at him.   He pocked Charlie's nose and seemed so happy to just look at him.  In the first month of Charlie's life Marvin has continued to be a loving brother.  He stretches out his arms to hold Charlie and likes to look at him.   Occasionally Marvin gives Charlie toys or tries to feed him chocolate milk.  I love watching Marvin interact with Charlie,  I can see the love in his eyes.  Ever since Charlie came to our home Marvin has been more content to stay home and has seemed to mature.  I was a little nervous about taking care of two kids but it seems to be working out very nicely.  I feel so blessed.

Posted by Jamie

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