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Skating at the Olympic Oval


The next few post will be things we did a few months ago. Nathan has made it super easy for me to blog and as I look back at our photos I've remembered some fun things we did. In the winter we went to westside leisure centre to swim as a family. As we were leaving Marvin noticed the ice rink and wanted to know what ti was. We went into the skating area and watched others skate. Marvin thought it looked like fun and was disappointed when we didn't go skating too. A few week after that Nathan suggested that we go skating at the olympic oval. All four of us rented skates. Charlie wore the smallest size and was such a trooper. The boys both held on to metal walkers and Nathan and I pushed them around the track. Nathan discovered that if we placed the walker under Charlie's armpits he was a little more stable. By the end of our outing Marvin got comfortable enough that he was pushing his walker by himself. We had a wonderful time!



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  1. Look who has jumped back on the blogging band wagon! Cute pics! I can’t believe how big those boys are getting!

    • Nathan has made it really easy for me to blog on the iPad so I blog a lot when I’m at work. They are growing up fast, maybe a little too fast. Today at the park my Charlie bear preferred to play with Marvin then hang out with me. He was Following Marvin who was busy playing with a little girl say Ma, Ma. This morning Marvin informed me that he was going to his school with out me because they don’t like me at his school. He certainly won’t be scared on his first day of preschool. Yesterday he told me a story about a boy named Tang and then he pretended to be Tang. His imagination is taking flight. I few days ago he told me he had a dream that his lego had buttons and asked if we could go to the store and buy buttons for his lego. They are so fun and I am so excited that you are having a little boy too. You should have told me your Grandchild order theory maybe then I would have waited to start trying for a baby after Erin got pregnant so I could have a little girl.

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