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Charlie is One!

Posted by Jamie

On Charlie's birthday we went to the beach with friends.  Picked Auntie Theresa up from the Airport and bought cupcakes.  He loved the cupcakes.  He is such a wonderful blessing to us.  He has a smile full of sunshine and a sweet happy personality.  He loves his Mom more than anyone in the world and likes to be with her constantly.  Marvin can make him giggle and cry very easily.  He's been crawling for about a month and loves to play with anything Marvin is playing with.  He is basically the perfect baby and we couldn't be happier to be his parents.  We love you Charlie, so much we celebrated your birth 3 times this year!

Charlie and Claire having fun in the sun.

I love that face.

All he wanted to do was touch the flame.

Yummy cup cake.  Ever since that day he goes crazy every time he see a cupcake.

Charlie and Uncle Scott at his Taber Party.

Charlie being admired by Great Grandma Theresa

Marvin helped him blow out his candles.  He's only one so I'm not sure why there were so many candles.

Daintily opening presents

My cute one year old.  I can't get enough of that face

Party number 3 in Calgary

Marvin thought Charlie had enough parties and decided that this one was his.


Charlie’s First Day Out!

Posted by Jamie

I know Charlie is 6 months old so it's a little late to be publishing a movie about his first day but enjoy. I think Nathan did a great job. I can't believe how fast Charlie has grown in such a short time.


Change of Plan

Posted by Jamie

Yesterday I was so disappointed. I mixed up the batter to make Nathan some cup cakes only to discover I had no muffin liners.  I couldn't find my wallet but I thought that's no big deal I can grab cash from our stash.  Then I got both boys ready for our trip only to realize that my keys and wallet were in the diaper bag which we left in High river.  I was so upset that I had no way to buy the things I needed to make Nathan's birthday special. After I got over my emotions I got up got to work made a nice supper and planned to run my errands when Nathan got home.  I was unable to buy him the gift I had planned on getting him but I was able to make him a cup cake cake, a lunch prepared with love and breakfast with his favourite kind of orange juice.  I even bought him Fresca which he loves but I think is a very unhealthy drink so he hardly ever gets it. We're going to spend a quite evening in and I'll prepare him a big piece of steak and sometime this week I'll surprise him with a gift.  I always get so upset when things don't work out according to the perfect little plan in my head but I'm starting to learn that when my plans fall through it doesn't ruin things, it just allows me to become more creative. I love my husband and I hope he has a wonderful birthday!