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Valentine’s Cupcakes

Posted by Jamie

On Thursday evening I was so tired and planned on going to bed shortly after Marvin went to sleep put then I started to crave something sweet.  I hardly ever buy sweet treats and had finished off the chocolate chips the night before so if I wanted something sweet I would have to make it.  Charlie was asleep for the night and Marvin was busy watching a show so I decided I'd make cupcakes.  I found a recipe in the 4-H cookbook and had enough ingredients to half the recipe.  After I mixed the batter it tasted sour and was very thick so I added more sugar and some milk and hoped for the best.  Once the cupcakes were in the oven I started on the icing, I didn't have much butter so I used have butter half shortening.  I riffled through the cupboard looking for food colouring and found blue, red and green.  With those dys I could make pink and purple which were valanite colors so that was perfect.  After practicing making flowers it was time to get started.  I had so much fun decorating the cupcakes with the tips Lita gave me.  It so easy to decorate when you have the right tools.  Buy the time I had finished I had eaten so much icing I was feeling sick and didn't have much desire to eat a cupcake but I had to find out if they were good or not so I took a bite and the cupcake was moist and tasty, the icing was too sweet so I scraped it off and enjoyed the rest of the cupcake.  Needless to say I didn't get to bed early but as I was making the cupcakes I didn't feel quite so tired.  I hope you enjoyed looking at my cupcakes and wish you could taste them because they  so good.  Nathan thinks i should make cupcakes like that all the time.  When Marvin woke up the next day he noticed them and needed to have one immediately.  Last night when Nathan was showing me the cupcake pictures Marvin saw them then opened his mouth and started pointing to his mouth.  I asked him if he wanted a cupcake and he said "uhhuh". He was so cute so I got out the cupcake I was saving for Lita and gave it to him.  Sorry Lita it was our last cupcake I had no choice.


Charlie and Apples

Posted by nathan

Charlie has been eating solid food for about month and a half now. Jamie has been pureeing all sorts of food and sticking the stuff in ice cube trays and making Charlie food cubes!! yay, food carrot cubes and chicken cubes!!! This is his first time eating apple, it's blended apple in apple juice, pretty good, not sour at all.... Charlie liked it.


Lunch Time

Posted by Jamie

It's 11:38am I'm in the kitchen doing dishes and thinking maybe I'll make noodles for lunch when Marvin comes in opens up the fridge and pulls out the apple juice and a carton of  strawberries.  I pour him a little  juice and place the cup on the blue chair he pushed into the kitchen.  I  pull the leaves off of 4 strawberries, put them in a small bowl for him then open the fridge to put the juice and strawberries away thinking Marvin has found a healthy snack for himself.  Before I can close the fridge door Marvin pulls out the tray of baby cucumbers.  I pull out ham sausage thinking why not slice it up and call his self made snack lunch.  While I'm slicing the cucumber for him he pulls the sausage off the counter and pulls it out of the package.  I give him the bowl of cucumber which he places on his chair then he anxiously watches me slice the sausage.  After I place the sausage on his chair he puts a slice in his mouth and chews on it while he pushes his blue chair to his blue table.  He crouches at the chair to eat.  After eating for about a minute places each bowl and the glass on his table sits down on his chair and happily eats the lunch he found for himself.  Latter he and some of his lunch ends up on his favourite chair where he continues to enjoy his lunch. He always eats better when it's his idea.

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Good Idea

Posted by Jamie

This morning the boys and I headed down to the parking lot to pick up our good food box.  Marvin grabbed a banana and started nibbling on it.  When we got home and started unpacking the box he saw an orange and had to have it.  He gobbled down the slices.  A little while later he climbed on to the table grabbed the bundle of grapes and plucked a grape of the vine.  Marvin looked at me mischievously and started to nibble on his find.  Then he ate 10 grapes.  Marvin is the worst eater and I struggle to get him to eat healthy food.  I don't know if he was starving or if the fruit was just too good to resist.  Any how I'm sold on the Good Food Box I think it was a good idea.

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