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Marvin’s Juice Intervention

Posted by nathan

Marvin calls a sippie of juice "why" or "awhy". Before bed he says "awhy" for some juice, in the morning "awhy" and 10 times a day "awhy awhy awhy". The kid has been drinking juice constantly, sippin' on his juice all day long. We have been diluting his apple juice with 80% water so he's been drinking a tone of juice and even more water. Every morning he wakes up soaked, and all day long he fills and fills his diapers. It's disgusting.

The other day I purchased Marvin a small potty and he sat in it the first day, and peed in it several times a day for 2 days after, it was looking really great because he peed SO MUCH. We are so proud of Marvin for using the toilet, it's so exiting!!!

Yesterday we decided to try to kick his juice addiction. In the morning he asked for juice, I quickly drank all the juice in the box and brought it to him. I showed him the empty juice box and explained that it is empty and we are all out of juice!! I acted pretty upset about too, he understood what I meant so he was sad, but alright with it. No juice all day yesterday, and he only complained a bit, we thought it was good, but no more potty, he didn't need to use it all day. We used less than half the diapers though!! I think the juice kicking is more important than potty training.

Today he was worse about the juice he whined a bit. We kept the empty juice box around to remind him about it, it worked fairly well but he wasn't as good as yesterday.

I was working on something this afternoon when my son poked at me for some attention. I turned around and there was my little 28 pound son, with one arm wrapped around the empty 1 litre juice box and his other arm around his piggy bank full of coins. I'm not sure what he wanted, but It was either for me to make the box his new piggy bank or he wanted to go out and purchase some more juice, I'd like to think the latter, but I'm not sure. We spent the next little bit filling the juice box with the money. Mommy thought it was cute as well.

Later in the day while the whole family was walking down the street, Marvin on my back in a kid carrying backpack. We passed a convenience store and Marvin really wanted to go into it, Jamie thought he wanted to buy more juice but he just ended up wanting a Mr. Big.

So it's been 2 days without juice and Marvin is holding up. We'll see how it goes. the plan is to be "awhy" free for a few weeks.

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