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Posted by Jamie

Have you ever been playing hide and seek but didn't know you were playing it.   Today after I had finished feeding Charlie I decided that I should see what Marvin was up to.  I went to his room but he wasn't there, then I checked my room still no Marvin.  I look in the bath room and did a quick scan of the living room and kitchen. I couldn't see him anywhere.  He loves to hide so I thought he must have fallen asleep in his hiding spot and that is why he was not responding to me.  I went back to his room got on my hands and knees and started looking in his usual hiding places.  Charlie decided to be my side kick and did the same thing.  I still couldn't find Marvin and panic was starting to creep into my body.  I left Marvin's room and started yelling Marvin's name.  Charlie didn't follow me he stayed on his hands and knees and continued to look at the white shelf.  Then I heard crazy uncontrollable giggling.  I followed the giggling and found Marvin under the white shelf behind some toys.  I started half laughing half hyperventilating, I was so relieved that he was okay. The toys were positioned just as they always were.  There was no indication that he had moved them to get behind them.  He has never hidden so well or so quietly before in his life.  He was so proud of him self.  My little boy is growing up.  I also can't believe that Charlie found him and I couldn't.  What a smart little boy.

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Canada Day

Posted by Jamie

I didn't want to go to Prince's Island park because I've been 3 years in a row and each year I feel uncomfortable because it is load and crowed. Nathan said "we are going, it's a tradition". He sounded so serious I decided to let him have his way and we went. Surprise, surprise I actually had a good time. I think this might mean that I've become a city girl or motherhood has finally made me chill out. Prince's Island Park was just as I remembered it, loud and crowed but for some reason I had a good time. It was probably because I was with my wonderful husband and happy sons. Marvin and Charlie had a wonderful time playing at the playground and wadding pool. They listened to music, waved flags made a craft, wrestled on our blanket and ate ice cream. When we got home we watched a movie and relaxed on the couch. It was a great day! Oh the boys wore patriotic colours because I actually remembered to buy them red and white clothes and we started off our day with a red and white breakfast. Ice cream and strawberries on whole wheat flax waffles. Nathan and I were exhausted by our celebrating and went to bed at 9pm. the next morning Nathan asked "did we sleep through the fireworks." I answered "I think we did". We live really close to down town and sleep with our window open so that is pretty amazing. That shows that we truly partied hard on canada day.


Best Mother’s Day Ever!!!

Posted by Jamie

I woke up this morning to find adorable crafts scattered around the house, Kit Kats, a beautiful balloon and a big girl spill proof glass. As I was nursing Charlie Nathan had me watch the cutest video of my darlings showing they love me.  My husband truly is the kindest, most thoughtful, creative, talented and loving husband ever!! He was definitely worth the wait.  I hope you enjoy my video at least half as much as I did.  Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies out there.


Johnson Easter 2011

Posted by nathan

So Jamie and I played Easter bunny on Saturday and decided we would try to teach Marvin how to search for Easter eggs and candy around the house when he woke up.It started up rough but got better quick. Check out the home movie:


Yip! Snap! Yap!

Posted by Jamie

On Wednesday we walked to the Library and Marvin took out a book about dogs called Yip! Snap! Yap! Each page has a picture of a dog making a different sound. Marvin loves acting out all of the different dog sounds and actions. Nathan filmed Me reading the book to Marvin. Enjoy!