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The Calgary Tower

Posted by Marvin

So Grandpa has this pass to the Calgary tower, he has had one every year ever since I could remember, so at least a year (Dad says it's been a few years). He loves taking people up to it. He drives me there sometimes with his Hummer and shows me the sites. He always likes to talk to everyone up there and show them his Hummer waaaaaay down on the road, he even uses his keys to blink it's lights. I have fun up there, it's exiting for a while, then when I'm tired of it I go back down.


My parants think I’m so cute

Posted by Marvin

Being an almost two year old, I take life as it comes, never looking backwards. I do what I can to get by, I know what I like and what I don't like, and I'm insistent on things I want. Mom and Dad take some painful persuasion on my part in order for me to get what I want. I think the strongest argument I can come up with is that they think I'm cute.

On Monday, Auntie Lita was over and was spending time in the living room with Mom and Dad, and I was thirsty. So I realized I was on my own. I grabbed a glass that I figured was my size and went to the fridge to look for some apple juice (juice is all I like to drink... and chocolate milk). I found the juice, but a full box of juice is fairly large for a small guy like me, so I had to carefully wrap my arms around both my glass and a big box of juice. In this way I walked slowly and carefully into the middle of the living room to petition for someone to do the job of filling the glass with the juice. Luckily Daddy was quick to relieve me of my load and fill my glass of sweet undiluted apple juice.


I’m back!

Posted by Marvin

Marvin here! The new big brother! I'm so glad that daddy has this new site, now we can all post and have a website!