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The Most Wonderful Neighbour in the World

Posted by Jamie

Marvin was taking Charlie and I for a walk today.  I tried to steer him towards the park but he wanted to go to the Zoo.  I used to love living so close to the Zoo but now that my 2 year old knows how to walk there I'm not too sure that I love it anymore.  I had just fed Charlie and we have a Zoo member ship so I decided I would let Marvin have his way.  Marvin had a wonderful time at the Zoo.  He saw tigers, elephant, camels, monkeys and birds.  We ate fries and had some pop at the cafe.  Marvin even left the Zoo with out pitching a fit.  As we were walking out of the exit I thought wow this was a great trip to the Zoo I managed both boys by my self and Marvin didn't have a single fit.  Then I noticed that I left a piece of the stroller at the Cafe.  It was almost 1pm the baby would have to be fed and Marvin needed to get home and have a nap.  If I went back into the Zoo I knew Marv would have a fit and Charlie would wake up and need to be fed.  I asked the woman at the gate to call the cafe and ask someone to look for it.  Joe found it, All I needed to do was come back before 4pm to get it.  I knew getting back to the Zoo before 4pm would be tricky because Marv wouldn't wake up from his nap until 4pm but I would worry about that latter I was just glad I wouldn't have to go back now. I took the boys home put Marv down for a nap, fed Charlie than asked Julia to watch the boys while I ran to the zoo to get the stroller piece.  I'm going to take a nap I'll finish this later...

Ok Lita I'm back.  i'm sorry I made you wait so long.

English is not Julia's first language so it took me a while to explain my situation, once she understood what I was asking she came over and took care of Charlie for me.  I grabbed my wallet and keys then set off running to the Zoo. I made it too the ramp at the train station then had to walk this mommy hasn't went running since before I was pregnant with Marvin so my legs were saying what do you think you are doing.  I walked until I got to the bike path then I started running again.  I got to the Zoo showed them my pass then walked as fast as I could to the Cafe.  By the time I got to the cafe I couldn't quite remember the name of the person the booth attendant told me had my stroller piece.  I thought his name was Joe so I asked for Joe and sure enough he was there and he had my stroller piece.  I set off speed walking home because I was pretty sure my body would not allow me to run any more.  When I got home Julia couldn't believe how fast I was.

She truly is the best neighbour she's so kind and she loves watching babies so if Charlie is awake and I need to change the laundry she takes care of him for me. I'm so lucky that she live across the hall from me.

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