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Addicted to Netflix

Posted by Jamie

We've had netflix for over a month and Marvin loves the variety of the kids programming.  Dora, Wonder Pets, Curious George and Diego are a few of his favourites.  We don't have TV so Netflix has provided new shows for him to watch and he appreciates it.  He used to sit on the couch and scream while pointing at the computer because he was so desperate to watch a show.  Nathan soon tired of this behaviour so he taught him how to say movie.   Now he sits on the couch and says boovie.  It is so cute!!!  A little too cute because before when he was screaming it was easy for me to say no you have watched enough Tv but now that he says boovie I feel like I need to reward him for using a word so I let him watch his show. Just last week I realized how bad his netflix addiction has become I had the boys ready to go shopping we we're out the door when Marvin runs back into the house sits on the couch and says boovie.  He wanted to watch a show instead of go out!  Marvin loves to get out of the house, I guess now he loves netflix a little more.