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Charlie is One!

Posted by Jamie

On Charlie's birthday we went to the beach with friends.  Picked Auntie Theresa up from the Airport and bought cupcakes.  He loved the cupcakes.  He is such a wonderful blessing to us.  He has a smile full of sunshine and a sweet happy personality.  He loves his Mom more than anyone in the world and likes to be with her constantly.  Marvin can make him giggle and cry very easily.  He's been crawling for about a month and loves to play with anything Marvin is playing with.  He is basically the perfect baby and we couldn't be happier to be his parents.  We love you Charlie, so much we celebrated your birth 3 times this year!

Charlie and Claire having fun in the sun.

I love that face.

All he wanted to do was touch the flame.

Yummy cup cake.  Ever since that day he goes crazy every time he see a cupcake.

Charlie and Uncle Scott at his Taber Party.

Charlie being admired by Great Grandma Theresa

Marvin helped him blow out his candles.  He's only one so I'm not sure why there were so many candles.

Daintily opening presents

My cute one year old.  I can't get enough of that face

Party number 3 in Calgary

Marvin thought Charlie had enough parties and decided that this one was his.


Canada Day

Posted by Jamie

I didn't want to go to Prince's Island park because I've been 3 years in a row and each year I feel uncomfortable because it is load and crowed. Nathan said "we are going, it's a tradition". He sounded so serious I decided to let him have his way and we went. Surprise, surprise I actually had a good time. I think this might mean that I've become a city girl or motherhood has finally made me chill out. Prince's Island Park was just as I remembered it, loud and crowed but for some reason I had a good time. It was probably because I was with my wonderful husband and happy sons. Marvin and Charlie had a wonderful time playing at the playground and wadding pool. They listened to music, waved flags made a craft, wrestled on our blanket and ate ice cream. When we got home we watched a movie and relaxed on the couch. It was a great day! Oh the boys wore patriotic colours because I actually remembered to buy them red and white clothes and we started off our day with a red and white breakfast. Ice cream and strawberries on whole wheat flax waffles. Nathan and I were exhausted by our celebrating and went to bed at 9pm. the next morning Nathan asked "did we sleep through the fireworks." I answered "I think we did". We live really close to down town and sleep with our window open so that is pretty amazing. That shows that we truly partied hard on canada day.



Posted by nathan

Marvin recently got a set of colored clay. He loves giving me pieces and watching me as I turn it into an animal!(see photo) but once a piece of clay starts to look like a snake (a rolled out piece of clay) he becomes terrified of it! It makes sense when he is afraid of big animals and such, but he has no knowledge of snakes being dangerous. He loves snakes at the zoo or pet store. But only behind glass.

I pulled out a toy we had of a little wooden box that when opened a wooden snake popped out. I decided to show it to Marv. And I decided to film me showing it to him.(see the video)


Our New Family Memeber

Posted by Jamie

Charlie joined our family on July 15 2010.  We were all so happy to finally meet him.  When Marvin entered the hospital room he saw Charlie in the bucket and had to go right up to it and look at him.   He pocked Charlie's nose and seemed so happy to just look at him.  In the first month of Charlie's life Marvin has continued to be a loving brother.  He stretches out his arms to hold Charlie and likes to look at him.   Occasionally Marvin gives Charlie toys or tries to feed him chocolate milk.  I love watching Marvin interact with Charlie,  I can see the love in his eyes.  Ever since Charlie came to our home Marvin has been more content to stay home and has seemed to mature.  I was a little nervous about taking care of two kids but it seems to be working out very nicely.  I feel so blessed.