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River Fun!!!

Posted by Marvin

Yesterday Mom took me to the park after I was done there I led her across Memorial and to the Zoo Island.  She pointed to a neat bridge and I decided to cross it.  We walked a little way then Mom led me to something she called a river.  I squatted down and splashed around with my hand that was fun.  Then I splashed around with my feet and that was even more fun.  Next I ran into the river Mom yelled at me to come back so I did.  She told me to be careful, I'm not sure why.  I couldn't resist and I ran even deeper into the river and then whoops I slipped and fell in.  Mom ran in scooped me up and said something about dangerous and home. She undressed me and strapped me in the stroller the only problem was I wasn't done playing in the river.  I tried to tell her that but she wouldn't listen she just kept saying that dangerous word and something about me always running.  Oh well maybe I can take her there again another day.