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So I'm done my third year ob my BCIS degree!, YAY. Only 1 more year to go. This summer I am fulfilling the work term requirement of the degree. The job I was placed in is with the big Alberta Health Services company, in an IT position. Just FYI, an IT Support position is NOT what I am looking for, nor is it what my degree is for. But nevertheless, the peiople in charge of finding me a job and hireing me do not know anything about computers, so all jobs that have something to do with computers are the same.

This job, I am going through new hires in the company (about 100 a day) and finding ones that could be a problem because they might be a provincial transfer or re-hire. If I find one, I make a ticket for someone to deal with it. I'm usually done with these earliy in the day and have a hard time finding stuff to do for the last half of the day. Lately I have been the guy that just does paperwork for other people in my team. The job is death!

Last night I spent an hour or so making up a small app to count my hours and watch the money flow in from my $21 per hour. I later decided that this was a bad idea, the pennies drop in one every 1 and a half second. I found myself looking at it almost every 5 minutes.

I told the person that hired me for this job that it isn't working out well, and it seems that I might be getting some new and exiting tasks that are more relevant to my degree, so, finger's crossed.

You can see my app HERE

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Busy busy busy

Posted by nathan

So... Life is great!! I love my two amazing sons more and more every day. And my wife is gorgeous and wonderful. My only problem is that I don't have as much time as I'd like with them. I guess it's typical from a guy in my position, two jobs and full-time school. Today Marvin decided to sleep in until I had to go to work. So right before I left I went in and got him out of bed, said good morning and told him that I loved him, then gave him to Mommy and left for work. Sometimes it's the same coming home, last week there where two days in a row where Marvin was asleep when I got home. I'm so glad there is no school or work on weekends.
I'm told that life just gets busier, so I'm trying not to complain. I still wouldn't have it otherwise, my family is beautiful and I'd do even more if I needed to.

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