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Posted by nathan

So I'm done my third year ob my BCIS degree!, YAY. Only 1 more year to go. This summer I am fulfilling the work term requirement of the degree. The job I was placed in is with the big Alberta Health Services company, in an IT position. Just FYI, an IT Support position is NOT what I am looking for, nor is it what my degree is for. But nevertheless, the peiople in charge of finding me a job and hireing me do not know anything about computers, so all jobs that have something to do with computers are the same.

This job, I am going through new hires in the company (about 100 a day) and finding ones that could be a problem because they might be a provincial transfer or re-hire. If I find one, I make a ticket for someone to deal with it. I'm usually done with these earliy in the day and have a hard time finding stuff to do for the last half of the day. Lately I have been the guy that just does paperwork for other people in my team. The job is death!

Last night I spent an hour or so making up a small app to count my hours and watch the money flow in from my $21 per hour. I later decided that this was a bad idea, the pennies drop in one every 1 and a half second. I found myself looking at it almost every 5 minutes.

I told the person that hired me for this job that it isn't working out well, and it seems that I might be getting some new and exiting tasks that are more relevant to my degree, so, finger's crossed.

You can see my app HERE

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So many videos!!!

Posted by nathan

So, ever since before the summer I have been taking several small clips of my family. While I was downloading the latest batch from my camera I realized that I have not been doing anything with them for a while. I decided to start making more little montages. It will take me a bit to catch up to the present but here's a video of clips from June and July of this year.

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Morning routine

Posted by nathan

I think Marvin and I are winding down with a morning routine that was going on for a while, so I guess I should say a bit about it before it's old news.

I've been extremely busy lately, and some days I only get an hour or two to spend with my son every day. Marvin has been the first one to wake up in the morning and we have been performing this same routine every morning. I'd get waken up in the morning by Marvin making noises in his bed, I try not to bug Jamie to much because she's been up all night feeding Charlie every few hours. So I'd get up, go to the kitchen and make Marv a chocolate milk in a sippie, I'd then go and open Marvin's door and leave to sit on the couch by myself. A few seconds later I see Marvin coming around the corner with his blanket in one arm and some stuffed animals in the other, then he climbs up onto the couch with me and I start a kids TV show for him and give him his chocolate milk. It's mostly the only time that I get to snuggle up close with my son, he's wild and won't sit still with me any other time. I'm sad that this routine looks like it's at an end. This picture is of one of the mornings where he decided to watch from the green chair instead of on the couch with me.

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The Most Wonderful Neighbour in the World

Posted by Jamie

Marvin was taking Charlie and I for a walk today.  I tried to steer him towards the park but he wanted to go to the Zoo.  I used to love living so close to the Zoo but now that my 2 year old knows how to walk there I'm not too sure that I love it anymore.  I had just fed Charlie and we have a Zoo member ship so I decided I would let Marvin have his way.  Marvin had a wonderful time at the Zoo.  He saw tigers, elephant, camels, monkeys and birds.  We ate fries and had some pop at the cafe.  Marvin even left the Zoo with out pitching a fit.  As we were walking out of the exit I thought wow this was a great trip to the Zoo I managed both boys by my self and Marvin didn't have a single fit.  Then I noticed that I left a piece of the stroller at the Cafe.  It was almost 1pm the baby would have to be fed and Marvin needed to get home and have a nap.  If I went back into the Zoo I knew Marv would have a fit and Charlie would wake up and need to be fed.  I asked the woman at the gate to call the cafe and ask someone to look for it.  Joe found it, All I needed to do was come back before 4pm to get it.  I knew getting back to the Zoo before 4pm would be tricky because Marv wouldn't wake up from his nap until 4pm but I would worry about that latter I was just glad I wouldn't have to go back now. I took the boys home put Marv down for a nap, fed Charlie than asked Julia to watch the boys while I ran to the zoo to get the stroller piece.  I'm going to take a nap I'll finish this later...

Ok Lita I'm back.  i'm sorry I made you wait so long.

English is not Julia's first language so it took me a while to explain my situation, once she understood what I was asking she came over and took care of Charlie for me.  I grabbed my wallet and keys then set off running to the Zoo. I made it too the ramp at the train station then had to walk this mommy hasn't went running since before I was pregnant with Marvin so my legs were saying what do you think you are doing.  I walked until I got to the bike path then I started running again.  I got to the Zoo showed them my pass then walked as fast as I could to the Cafe.  By the time I got to the cafe I couldn't quite remember the name of the person the booth attendant told me had my stroller piece.  I thought his name was Joe so I asked for Joe and sure enough he was there and he had my stroller piece.  I set off speed walking home because I was pretty sure my body would not allow me to run any more.  When I got home Julia couldn't believe how fast I was.

She truly is the best neighbour she's so kind and she loves watching babies so if Charlie is awake and I need to change the laundry she takes care of him for me. I'm so lucky that she live across the hall from me.

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Change of Plan

Posted by Jamie

Yesterday I was so disappointed. I mixed up the batter to make Nathan some cup cakes only to discover I had no muffin liners.  I couldn't find my wallet but I thought that's no big deal I can grab cash from our stash.  Then I got both boys ready for our trip only to realize that my keys and wallet were in the diaper bag which we left in High river.  I was so upset that I had no way to buy the things I needed to make Nathan's birthday special. After I got over my emotions I got up got to work made a nice supper and planned to run my errands when Nathan got home.  I was unable to buy him the gift I had planned on getting him but I was able to make him a cup cake cake, a lunch prepared with love and breakfast with his favourite kind of orange juice.  I even bought him Fresca which he loves but I think is a very unhealthy drink so he hardly ever gets it. We're going to spend a quite evening in and I'll prepare him a big piece of steak and sometime this week I'll surprise him with a gift.  I always get so upset when things don't work out according to the perfect little plan in my head but I'm starting to learn that when my plans fall through it doesn't ruin things, it just allows me to become more creative. I love my husband and I hope he has a wonderful birthday!