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Valentine’s Cupcakes

Posted by Jamie

On Thursday evening I was so tired and planned on going to bed shortly after Marvin went to sleep put then I started to crave something sweet.  I hardly ever buy sweet treats and had finished off the chocolate chips the night before so if I wanted something sweet I would have to make it.  Charlie was asleep for the night and Marvin was busy watching a show so I decided I'd make cupcakes.  I found a recipe in the 4-H cookbook and had enough ingredients to half the recipe.  After I mixed the batter it tasted sour and was very thick so I added more sugar and some milk and hoped for the best.  Once the cupcakes were in the oven I started on the icing, I didn't have much butter so I used have butter half shortening.  I riffled through the cupboard looking for food colouring and found blue, red and green.  With those dys I could make pink and purple which were valanite colors so that was perfect.  After practicing making flowers it was time to get started.  I had so much fun decorating the cupcakes with the tips Lita gave me.  It so easy to decorate when you have the right tools.  Buy the time I had finished I had eaten so much icing I was feeling sick and didn't have much desire to eat a cupcake but I had to find out if they were good or not so I took a bite and the cupcake was moist and tasty, the icing was too sweet so I scraped it off and enjoyed the rest of the cupcake.  Needless to say I didn't get to bed early but as I was making the cupcakes I didn't feel quite so tired.  I hope you enjoyed looking at my cupcakes and wish you could taste them because they  so good.  Nathan thinks i should make cupcakes like that all the time.  When Marvin woke up the next day he noticed them and needed to have one immediately.  Last night when Nathan was showing me the cupcake pictures Marvin saw them then opened his mouth and started pointing to his mouth.  I asked him if he wanted a cupcake and he said "uhhuh". He was so cute so I got out the cupcake I was saving for Lita and gave it to him.  Sorry Lita it was our last cupcake I had no choice.